Example of Identity Verification through MFA

After you enter your SSO-KID and password when signing in, an additional screen will appear to verify your identity with MFA. Follow the prompts to verify yourself by operating your authenticator app or phone.

1. Microsoft Authenticator

  1. If your default sign-in method is Microsoft Authenticator, you will receive a notification asking for approval on the smartphone that has Microsoft Authenticator installed.
    Approve sign in request Notification received

  2. Open “Microsoft Authenticator”, enter the displayed number, and tap “Yes”. Depending on the app settings, you may be required to verify your identity using facial recognition, fingerprint authentication, etc. If you received a notification you don’t recognize, tap “No, it’s not me”. The “App” and “Location” are for reference, but the “Location” may be inaccurate depending on the status of the network used for the sign-in.
    Approval request

2. Other Authentication Apps (e.g., Google Authenticator)

  1. If the default sign-in method is “Authenticator app or Hardware token - code”, you will be prompted to enter a 6-digit one-time password code.
    Enter code

  2. Open “Google Authenticator” on your smartphone and enter the 6-digit one-time code into the “Code” field in (1).
    Code on Authenticator app

3. If your Default Sign-in Method is Unavailable

If the default sign-in method is not available (e.g. your smartphone is not at hand), you can use another method to authenticate. However, this method must be registered in advance. We recommend that you install and register an authentication application for use with a PC browser in addition to registering your smartphone or another device.

  1. On the screen where you are prompted by MFA, click “I can’t use my Microsoft Authencicator app right now”.
    Sign in another way

  2. Select the method and follow the on-screen instructions to operate your authenticator app or phone.

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University