MFA Information Registration Manual

1. Access to the MFA Settings Page

Go to on your browser. If the access is blocked, first you have to “Enable MFA”.

“More information required” screen will appear for the first access after enabling MFA. The registration procedure is slightly different, so please refer to the “Initial MFA Information Registration Manual”.

The settings page will look like this (depending on your screen size, the menu on the left may be hidden). Please ignore the phrase “Reset your password,” because you cannot change your University Microsoft 365 password here.

Security Info page

2. Register your Information

On settings screen register the information required for additional identification. You can select “Authentication App” and three kinds of “Phone” (phone numbers). “Short Message Service (SMS)” and “Voice Call” are available for “Phone”, and only “Voice Call” is available for “Alternate Phone” and “Office Phone”. Click “+Add method”, select the information you want to add and follow the instructions on the screen.

Add a method

We recommend using the authentication application first, but we also strongly recommend registering multiple phone numbers in case the application is not available, installing and registering the authentication application on the browser of the computer at work, and registering the computer you take off-campus in case the application and registered phone numbers are not available while traveling.

2.1 Authentication Apps

You can register an app installed on your smartphone or other device and use it for additional identity verification. We recommend using Microsoft Authenticator, which provides push notifications. For other authentication apps, enter the six-digit one-time password displayed in the app on the sign-in screen. There are also authentication apps that can be installed as extensions to your computer’s browser, kindly install them if necessary.

After selecting “Authenticator app” above, please follow the procedure below to register various “Authenticator app.” You can register up to five apps.

2.2 Telephone

You can register three phone numbers: “Phone,” “Alternate Phone,” and “Office Phone,” “Phone" is intended for mobile phones that support Short Message Service (SMS), but it can also be used for landline phones. SMS cannot be selected for “Alternate Phone” and “Office Phone.”

After selecting one of three phone type, please follow the procedure below to register a phone number. You may replace the registered phone number by selecting “change” after the listed phone number.

3. Change or delete your information

If you install and register another authenticator application to a new device and no longer use the old device, or one of registered phone numbers changes, select “Change” or “Delete” for the corresponding item to update information each time. If you leave the old information as it is, the sign-in confirmation will be notified to the device or phone that should not be delivered, which may be a security risk.

4. Change your “Default Sign-in Method”

Set the verification method that will be automatically selected when MFA is required. From the information you have registered, select the one that best suits your usage scenario.

  1. Go to in your browser and click “Change” under Default sign-in method.
    Change default sign-in method
  2. Select your preferred sign-in method and click “Confirm."
    Select sign-in method
  3. The default sign-in method will change.
    After changing sign-in method
Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University