Initial MFA Information Registration Manual

  1. After enabling MFA, go to on your PC browser. “More information required” notification screen will appear. Select “Next.” When you try to use Microsoft 365 services before registering any MFA information, the same screen will appear. If a similar screen appears on your smartphone, we recommend you to go to the above URL on your PC browser again and proceed. You may be able to finish registering MFA information using your smartphone only, but the procedure is slightly different from this manual.
    More information required

  2. The default registration screen for the “Microsoft Authenticator” will then be displayed.
    Keep your account secure

  3. Please refer to the procedures below when registering various “Authentication Applications.”

  1. If you prefer not to use the authenticator app and want to use mobile text messages (SMS) or voice calls to your phone, click “I want to set up a different method”
    set up a different method

  2. When the screen to select the method appears, select “Phone” and click “Confirm."
    Choose a different method Select Phone Confirm

  3. Please refer to the following procedures to register a phone number.

Note that you cannot select “Office Phone” or “Alternate Phone” here.

You will sign-in to Microsoft 365 after registering any one of MFA information. You will lose access to Microsoft 365 if you cannot use the authentication method you have just registered. Please make sure to add more MFA information with MFA Information Registration Manual. Please refer to Sign-in Problems if you are unable to sign-in.

If you want to change the location where MFA is required at sign-in or the frequency of re-sign-in requests, please refer to Changing your MFA Settings.

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University