Kyushu University Primary Mail Service

Kyushu University members will be automatically issued a Kyushu University Primary Mail address. Important and urgent information from Kyushu University will be sent to this email address, so please check it regularly. This service uses Microsoft 365 Exchange Online as its email system.


About Junk Email folder

In Exchange Online, messages that are determined to be junk mail will be automatically sorted into the “Junk Email” folder. Messages in the Junk Email folder are automatically deleted after 30 days and cannot be recovered. At the beginning of the service, there is no information to judge whether the e-mails you receive are spam or not, so there is a high possibility that necessary e-mails will be judged as spam, so please check your spam folder frequently. We recommend that you use webmail for checking. If the message is misclassified, click on the message in your webmail, and then click on “Not Junk” in the menu to move it to your inbox. If you find an unsolicited email in your regular folder, please click on the email and then click on “Junk” from the menu to move it to your Junk Email folder. By being proactive, the detection system will learn and false positives will be reduced.

About bulk mailing

Primary Mail Service does not allow you to send large amounts of email messages using your personal account. Depending on the number of messages sent, the account used may be banned by the abuse prevention function, so please avoid this practice. If you need to send a large number of messages for administrative purposes, please consult with the Administration Bureau ICT Group.

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