Other mail applications with Exchange support

The information on this page is for reference only. We may not be able to provide support, so please use at your own risk.

The following email applications support the Exchange protocol. You might add the Primary Mail Address account by selecting an account type such as “Exchange”, “Microsoft Exchange”, “Microsoft 365”, or “Office 365”. Usually, the server setting is automatically detected. Enter your SSO-KID and password when the university’s Microsoft 365 sign-in page is appeared. If your software is too old, it might not support “Modern Authentication” and you cannot sign-in.

Please refer to “How to check your Primary Mail Address” and make a note of your Kyushu University Primary Mail Address in advance. There are many inquiries about error messages cause by mistakes such as forgetting to include “@m” or “@s” to your email address. Be sure to check your email address without relying on your memory.

  • Windows Mail
    • Select “Office 365” when selecting a type of your account. Do not select “Outlook.com.”
  • Mail app (iOS and iPadOS)
    • Select “Microsoft Exchange” in “Add Account.”
    • Please do not use “Configure Manually” because it will use Basic Authentication.
    • Modern Authentication is supported with iOS 12 or newer.
  • Gmail app (Android)
    • Select “Exchange and Office 365.”
    • Modern Authentication is supported with Android 8.0 or newer.
Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University