Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. General

Q1-1. Password length limit

[Answer] The maximum password length that can be used in a file sharing system is 50 characters.

Q1-2. I sometimes receive notification e-mails from Proself.

[Answer]If you have set up an e-mail address in the user settings section of Proself, you will receive a notification e-mail to that address when you upload or download a file. The procedure is as follows.
After logging in to Proself, click the Kyushu University Primary mail address displayed in the upper right corner → “User Settings” → “Email Address” field

Q1-3. I published a file that contains a folder on the web, but the other party cannot see the folder.

[Answer]Please make sure that “Do not show subfolders” is unchecked as it is checked by default when setting up web publishing.

Q1-4. Some users cannot be specified as users to be shared in Proself’s shared folder settings.

[Answer] Off-campus users cannot be specified. archive: Only faculty and staff members can be specified, and students cannot be specified as share targets.

Q1-5. I activated my SSO-KID on my first day of employment. I can log in to other systems, but I cannot log in to Proself only.

[Answer]It may take some time for the information to be reflected in Proself, so please try again the next day.

Q1-6. The person who set up the shared folder is planning to retire. What will happen to the files after he/she leaves?

[Answer]The file will be deleted, so please retrieve the file in advance, upload it to another user’s account, and share it again.

Q1-7 I received a download notification e-mail even though I did not download the file.

[Answer]If the Proself file area is mounted on a computer, such as Proself Disk, you may receive a download notification e-mail if the area is covered by the security software’s scan. Please check the time, host name, and IP address in the notification e-mail.

Q1-8. When I use Proself Disk on Windows 10/11, the window freezes or other problems occur.

[Answer]Using an earlier version of the IME may improve the problem, so please change the settings by referring to this URL

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University