For Newcommers

Primary Mail Service

Kyushu University Primary mail address is automatically issued when you become a member of Kyushu University. Important and emergency information from Kyushu University will be sent to this e-mail address, so please check it regularly. The outline of the Kyushu University Primary mail service is as follows.

  • Microsoft Exchange Online is available as an email system.
  • The format of the email address is as follows
    • Faculty and Staff: Last name.First Name.3-digit number
    • Student: Last name.First Name.3-digit number
  • SSO-KID is used for authentication.
  • The mail storage capacity per person is 100GB.
  • You can set up a POP3 or IMAP account and use it with your email software or webmail.
  • You can register an alias address with initials or other abbreviated English names.
  • For students, (Student ID) is registered as an alias address.

There is some time lag before you can sign-in after SSO-KID account activation. If your account on the web mail seems to be locked after you had activated your SSO-KID account, please wait for a while (about 30 minutes) and sign in again. Sometimes it takes time to propagate account information to the mail system.

Note about the Junk Mail folder

In Exchange Online, messages that are determined to be junk mail will be automatically sorted into the “Junk Email” folder. Messages in the Junk Email folder are automatically deleted after 30 days and cannot be recovered. Please check your spam folder frequently. We recommend that you use webmail for checking. If the message is misclassified, click on the message and click on “Not Junk” in the menu to move it to your inbox. If you find an unsolicited email in your regular folder, please click on the email and then click on “Junk” from the menu to move it to your Junk Email folder. By being proactive, the detection system will learn and false positives will be reduced.

Microsoft 365

Members of the university are eligible to Microsoft 365, a cloud service which contains a cloud email service, online storage, online meeting tools, and licenses for office applications. It can be used anywhere with an Internet connection.

Available and supported services

Sign in

Use SSO-KID to access Microsoft 365.

procedure


  • Please do NOT use your university account as a log-on account for Windows OS.
    • Your university account will remove and not be available, after your graduation, retirement, or resignment.
  • You need to wait about 30 minutes before your email available after activating your account.

Microsoft Office

University members can install Microsoft Office on university’s and your own devices.

File Sharing System (Proself)

This is an online storage system resides in our campus network. You can upload confidencial files because it is stored inside our campus network.
This system is for staff members only, and mainly used for handling confidential files without carrying such files outside our campus network.

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University