Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

* Please also refer to Sign-in Problems

Q. Must I install the authentication application on all my devices and browsers?

No, this is not required. The sign-in notification to Microsoft Authenticator app and six-digit authentication code that appears in the authenticator app can be used to sign in from devices apart from the device or browser you are currently accessing it on. In principle, if you install and register the application on one mobile device, you can use it anywhere. However, if you register only one device, you will not be able to sign in if that device gets lost or malfunctions; thus, we recommend that you register multiple PCs and landlines at work and home.

Q. How many authentication apps can I register?

You can register up to five apps.

Q. If I change my phone model, can I transfer the authentication app information?

It depends on the app you are using; please check the app’s manual. In most cases, data stored in the app at the time of registration is confidential and cannot be backed up. We recommend to register a new device separately and remove the old device. Some apps allow you to share the same registration information among devices by registering an account.

Q. Can I receive my verification code by email?

No. Microsoft 365 cannot be configured to receive authorization codes via email.

Q. Can I get a printable, disposable verification code for emergency access, like Google’s MFA?

No, this is not possible with Microsoft 365.

Q. Can I use an app password for an app that cannot use MFA, such as a mail application?

No, this is not possible with Microsoft 365 at the university.

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University