File Sharing System (Proself)

This system is installed to share file(s) between users. You can upload some files to the file sharing system. To indicate share the files on the Web, uploaded files are able to downloads via the special URL (address), which is generated by proself system. This file sharing system may reduce communicatin trafic and CPU load of the mail server by reducing e-mail file attachement.


The file sharing system does not maintain backups for user data, so please avoid having the original files only on the file sharing system. Please make sure to keep backups on the user side.

The use of the file sharing system for staff members has been increasing, and the free space is still tight. We kindly request you to delete unnecessary files after file sharing and off-campus use. The Information Infrastructure Initiative provides OneDrive for Business as personal file storage, which has 5 TB of capacity per person. We recommend you to use OneDrive for Business except when you need to store files with the confidentiality level 3.

For details on the online storage services provided by Information Infrastructure Initiative, please refer to “about online storage and share files.”

How to use

With Web Browser

File Sharing System for Staff members only (archive)

Following Proself is Staff member only. Student can’t login.

Item Description
User Staff members only
Use Upload / download files via web browse
Capacity 20GB
Expire period Unlimited
Paid Service 100GB 1,000yen/month

File Sharing System for Students and Staff members (share)

This service has been terminated on Monday, 18th December, 2023. Please use OneDrive for Business.

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University