Frequenty Asked Questions

0. What we ask for when you contact us

When you contact us, please be sure to provide us with the following information

  • Name and affiliation
  • SSO-KID or student number
  • Specific details of your inquiry
  • If your inquiry is about not being able to send email, please let us know from which email address to which email address you cannot send the email., please forward the error email itself.
  • If it is an error in sending email, please forward the error email itself.
  • When did the symptom occur (date and time)?
  • If possible, capture the error screen.

Please refer to this Link for contact.


1. General

2. email address

3. others

Q & A

1. General

Q1-1. Is there a fee for using this service?
[Answer]. There is no charge for the basic service.
Q1-2. Can I increase the storage capacity? How can I check the amount used?
[Answer] Each user has a storage capacity of 50GB. It is sufficient and cannot be increased. To check your usage, log in to WebMail, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, and then click on “View all Outlook settings” at the bottom of the sidebar that appears. Click on “General” in the upper left corner of the window that appears, and then click on “Storage” to view your current usage.
Q1-3. What happens if I exceed the capacity limit?
[Answer] If you exceed the capacity limit, the server will reject the sent email and return it to the sender. Please pay attention to the capacity limit.
Q1-4.What happens to spam mail and virus mail?
[Answer] Spam and virus mails are detected by Exchange Online .

Q1-5. Can I use it from off-campus? A: Yes, you can send and receive messages from anywhere in the world.

Q1-6. When I log in to WebMail after activating my SSO-KID account, I get an error message that it is locked.
[Answer] There is a time lag until e-mail becomes available after account activation, so please log in again after a while (about 30 minutes).
Q1-7. What is the maximum file size that can be attached to an email?
[Answer] It is about 35MB.
Q1-8. I have set up my email software, but I cannot send or receive.
[Answer] It seems that the user name in the settings is not “Your”, so please correct this. At this time, please note that s. And m. Are not required after @.
Q1-9. I get an error when I set up a Kyushu University Primary Mail account in Gmail.
[Answer] When you set up and use a Kyushu University Primary Mail account in Gmail, you will have to register your SSO-KID and password in Gmail (Google’s server outside the university). This is not recommended as it may violate the university’s internal rules.
In addition, there is information that when “” is set as the SMTP server for Gmail, it does not work properly due to a discrepancy in specifications between the two.Since this cannot be avoided by settings on the university side, We cannot provide support.
For these reasons, we recommend that you use Webmail of the Kyushu University Primary Mail system, or install and configure your own mail software on your PC.
Q1-10. I cannot receive my email
[Answer] If you are forwarding mail and have configured not to leave mail on the server when forwarding, there will be no mail in your Inbox and it will appear as if no mail has been received. Please check your forwarding settings. In this case, the email is delivered to the inbox of the forwarding address.
Please click here for instructions on how to set up and check your forwarding settings
If there is no problem with the forwarding settings, please contact so we can investigate.

2. email address

Q2-1: I am a staff member, how do you deal with name changes due to marriage, etc.?
[Answer] If you have changed your name
If you change your name, a new Kyushu University Primary mail address will be generated with your new English name.
All mails to your old email address will be forwarded to your new email address for 100 days. After that, the old email address will become invalid.

If you use your maiden name when you change your name
If you use your maiden name in the name change procedure, your old email address will remain unchanged. Your Kyushu University Primary Mail address will not be changed.

Q2-2. I am a student. Can I use an email address in the form of “” instead of an English name-based email address?
[Answer] Yes, you can. The email address in the student number format is registered as an alias address of the English name-based email address, so the received email will be delivered to the same mailbox. If you want to use the student number email address as the “From” address, please set up an IMAP connection to change the sending address in your email software.
Q2-3. I’m a student, but the English name on my e-mail address is incorrect, can I fix it?
[Answer] Please log in to the following web page of the university-wide ID system and change your English name (first name, last name, middle name) from “Change Profile”. (This is only available to students.) It may take a few hours for the change to be reflected in your email address.
ID Management system

Q2-4. If I become a professor emeritus, can I continue to use my Kyushu University Primary mail address? Answer: You can continue to use it.

Q2-5. How long will I be able to use my Kyushu University Primary mail address if I am no longer enrolled due to graduation or retirement?
[Answer] After a grace period of 100 days from the date of non-enrollment, you will no longer be able to use it.
Q2-6. If I am no longer a member of the university due to graduation or resignation, can I extend the use of the Kyushu University Primary Mail service?
[Answer] You can use the Kyushu University Primary Mail service for a grace period of 100 days from the day you become inactive, but you cannot extend the grace period beyond that.
Q2-7. I have changed or modified my Kyushu University Primary mail address. Does this affect the email I had been receiving?
[Answer] Since the mailbox is tied to the SSO-KID, a change in the Kyushu University Primary mail address will not affect the received e-mails unless the SSO-KID is changed.
Q2-8. Your e-mail address is too long and needs to be shortened
[Answer] You cannot change your e-mail address, but you can generate a shorter e-mail address by setting an alias.
Please click here for instructions on how to set up an alias address

3. Others

Q3-1. I get a message asking me to set my time zone when I sign in to WebMail.
[Answer] Please select “(UTC+09:00) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo” as the time zone and save it.
Q3-2. What happens to emails that are judged as junk mail in Exchange Online?
[Answer] In Exchange Online, emails that are judged as junk mail will be automatically sorted into the “Junk Mail” folder. There are times when necessary e-mails are judged as junk mail, so please make sure to check it periodically. In particular, emails via mailing lists may have a higher chance of being judged as junk mail.
If it is misjudged, you can move it to your inbox by selecting the said e-mail in the “Junk E-mail” folder and clicking “Not Junk E-mail” from the menu. On the other hand, if you find an unwanted email in your regular folder, you can move it to the Junk E-mail folder by clicking on “Junk E-mail”. In this case, if you select “Report” on the “Report as Junk E-mail” screen, a copy of the e-mail will be sent to Microsoft for use in improving the judgment criteria.
Q3-3: After migrating to the new system, emails that I posted to the mailing list do not reach me, or only one of the emails that was sent to me and the mailing list does not reach me.
[Answer] Due to specifications, Exchange Online considers emails with the same Message ID as duplicates and deletes the second and subsequent emails. This behavior cannot be changed in the settings. When an email is sent to both your mailing list and your own address, the email to the mailing list is usually delivered later, so it looks like the email from the mailing list is not delivered. The same behavior occurs when you send outgoing mails to your own address by Bcc as well.
Q3-4. When I start Outlook, I get an error message “An update must be applied before Outlook can start."
[Answer] Please follow the steps below to perform Windows Update.
On the Windows Update screen, select “Advanced Options” > “Receive updates for other Microsoft products when Windows is updated” and then run Windows Update again and restart.
Q3-5. I would like to inquire about my med domain email address or user’s email.
[Answer] Please contact MIC ( ).
Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University