SharePoint is a web browser-based collaboration and document management platform provided by Microsoft. We provide departments and other organizations with individual sites - SharePoint sites - using SharePoint Online.

Note We restrict some features due to personal information protection.

Be sure to read this guide before using this service. 情報統括本部SharePointサイト利用要項

Terms of Use

  • The SharePoint site usage service should be used for educational, research, and business purposes.
  • Please apply for the use of the service from the head of the department in the organizational unit of the department.
  • The site administrator of the service must be a staff member of Kyushu University who has been given a SSO-KID.
  • The standard data storage capacity provided is 100GB per site. If the data storage capacity exceeds this, you can apply for an increase or decrease in 100GB increments.
  • Depending on the content and period of use of the SharePoint site, the fees specified in the appendix on page 3 of “情報統括本部SharePointサイト利用要項” will be incurred.
  • Site usage applications will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis, and renewal fees will be collected.
  • If there is a change in the site administrator, please notify us of the change immediately.
  • Sub-sites can be created under the application site. Sub-sites can be created by the site administrator, and there is no need to apply to the Information Management Division or request changes to the settings.
    (Reference) Create a site : Microsoft site
  • Please give the site a name that matches the department applying for the site or the purpose of use. (As a rule, site names with less than three characters are not accepted, except for official sites of departments, etc.)
  • Please consult with us in advance if you wish to share the site with people outside the university.

Application form.

Application form submission / Contact information,etc.

Submit the application form

  • Please send us a draft application form by e-mail at least one month before you wish to start using the site. Please send this form to us after we confirm the contents.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the operation of the SharePoint site, please contact us.


  • Microsoft 365 staff, Working group for collaborative infrastructure, Information infrastructure initiative
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  • email:
Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University