about online storage and share files

List of services and their features

Service Target Capacity Retention Period Confidenciality level*1 External Access
OneDrive for Business Personal 5TB until graduation or retirement C2 or below specific recipients
Proself (Archive) Personal 20GB until retirement C3 or below web publishing
SharePoint Online Site (Organization) 100GB~(non-free) until site discontinuation C2 or below (require application)

*1 Rating by Classification of information


OneDrive for Business

Kyushu University offers 5TB of OneDrive for Business per person. You can share your files within and outside the university.

Proself (for staff members)

An online storage system resides in our campus network. You can upload confidencial files because it is stored inside our campus network. This is for staff members only.

For Organization

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is also available for organizations for a fee. You can use it to share files within your organization or to distribute files within the university.

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University