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Notice about saving recorded files on Webex cloud

At Kyushu University, we can save recorded files on the cloud, but the files are stored in a limited storage area shared with an unspecified number of users. Therefore, if many recorded files remain on the cloud, the storage area may be exhausted and you may not be able to record or save the files after that.

Based on this, we set the retention period of recorded files on the Webex cloud to 2 months. Files stored for more than 2 months will be deleted by the administrator at any time. Recorded files will be deleted after January 24, 2022.If you have saved the recorded file on Webex, please take measures such as downloading and saving it on your own PC.

You can also record and save on your own PC. We recommend that you record and save on your own PC, not in the Webex cloud.

In addition, the retention period of recorded files on the cloud of Webex may be shortened in the future.If we change the retention period, we will notify you by email from Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group and on the Web page.

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University