MFA for the Primary Mail Service

Primary Mail Service is subject to MFA because it uses Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. MFA is available for Webmail as well as other Microsoft 365 services.

However, most of the email applications that use IMAP/POP do not support MFA; thus, sign-in by mail applications that do not support MFA is not subject to MFA. However, if the system suspects a sign-in due to unauthorized access, the MFA will be enforced to prevent unauthorized use and the sign-in will be prevented. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but please use Webmail if your mail application does not work properly.

Note that MFA is available for Microsoft Outlook, iPhone and Android mail apps, and macOS mail apps that use Exchange accounts. In addition, the following email apps support MFA with IMAP/POP (as of December 2020; more apps may be added in the future).

App Name Supported Versions
Mozilla Thunderbird 78.0 or later
Becky! Internet Mail v2.75.02 or later
Hidemaru Mail v6.94 or later
Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University