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Notice regarding the provision of Webex

We currently have a paid license for Webex (Webex meeting).For faculty and staff who need to host a meeting, we provide an account based on the application. We will extend this paid contract and continue to provide accounts until the end of 2022.

We provide Webex account for conference and class use, which is only required when hosting a conference. If you just want to attend a meeting, you don’t need an account. If you would like to issue a new account, please apply through the clerical staff. Since the number of licenses is limited, please carefully examine the necessity when applying. Also, if you no longer need your account, please let us know so that we can delete your account.

Please refer to the following page for the application procedure and application method.

Web 会議サービスにおいて要機密情報を扱う際のセキュリティ対策について - 九州大学情報統括本部

Collaborative Infrastructure Working Group, Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University